phys_ed.jpgWelcome to Mrs. Gallagher's Physical Education Wiki!At Grand Island High School, Physical Education strives to develop students who:

Understand, respect and get along with people

Practice and understand good health & safety habits.

Value physical fitness and work to improve individual fitness

Think and function successfully on an independent basis.

Know themselves and set realistic goals.

Are knowledgeable in the many varied areas of physical activity.

Work together to solve problems.

Know what resources are available throughout the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These goals will be achieved through emphasizing team sports, small group work and individual activities.

Students must attend class, be properly dressed, and participate to the best of their ability

Grand Island Board of Education policy, along with New York State Education Law, make physical education a required course for all students. Students with a documented medical concern will be placed in an Alternative PE program. In this alternative program, students will fulfill the physical education requirement through individually prescribed activities indicated by the student's condition.
Physical Education for the 21st century: Empowering students with the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle today and always.